Boho Kitchen

Featuring lots of Kraftwork today 🙂

( how not to be in love with incredible and realistic Boho mood decorations )

Scene details

KraftWork Mini Boho Kitchen ( Fits too a Linden Homes ) @ Anthem NEW

This mini kitchen it is only 4LI and comes with left and right mirrored options. The cabinets, counter tops, shelves, backsplash, wall and hardware can be changed via texture HUD.

KraftWork Single Door Refrigerator @ Fameshed NEW

The Single Door Refrigerator is a stand-alone fridge with a wide variety of color and pattern options to match your kitchen needs. There are 10 solid color and 10 pattern options. You can also unlink the food inside and fill the fridge with your own items (except in the drawer and on the open door).

KraftWork Multi Coffee Machine @ Kustom9 ( opens 15th of April ) NEW

This machine packs as big of a punch as your coffee does. It features: 6 color options touch menu ( black, gray, pink, red, white and yellow ) with three additional metal colors to customize your coffee machine to your home. Click the coffee machine to dispense coffee and jar ( touch each part to receive your attachment ). The coffee jar includes the holdable, bento animations cup or decor only option in 7 different cup color options.

KraftWork Modular Cooktop & Iron Pans FATPACK @ Uber NEW

The modular cooktop system comes with 5 modules (1-2li each) and is sold in bundles (Basics-Bright-Pastel) with texture change (3 colors per bundle) + flame on and off. The induction module also has an option to use a texture with heat on/off.
The Iron Pans are sold as a separate bundle with 5 pan options and 6 color options each via texture change (1li each pan).

KraftWork Modular Cooktop . Gas Single (Basics)

KraftWork Modular Cooktop . Gas Double (Basics)

KraftWork Iron Pans . Short Half Opened Casserole

KraftWork Iron Pans . Frying Pan Full

KraftWork Kitchen Clutter

KrafWork Kitchen Clutter . Herbs Basket (Gold)

KrafWork Kitchen Clutter . Coffee

KrafWork Kitchen Clutter . Wheat

KrafWork Kitchen Clutter . Spaghetti

KrafWork Kitchen Clutter . Empty Basket Blue

KrafWork Kitchen Clutter . Dill

KrafWork Kitchen Clutter . Gluten Free Cereal (Light)

KrafWork Kitchen Clutter . Glasses (Gold)

KrafWork Kitchen Clutter . Bowls (Gold)

KrafWork Kitchen Clutter . Dinner Plates (Gold)


hive // hanging apron . blue stripe

..::THOR::..  Breakfast Tray ULTRARARE

14 Fancy Decor + KraftWork Fete d’hiver: Persian Rug

Nutmeg. French Cafe Table / 1

Nutmeg . Countryside Dream Stool / 1

Nutmeg . French Cafe Iron Chair PG

Nutmeg . French Cafe Bonus Plant

Nutmeg . French Cafe Plant

dust bunny . hanging plants . double planter

dust bunny . hanging plants . cheese plant

36 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Clay Pots

{vespertine} potted basil

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