Meet. LeLUTKA Briannon Head 3.0

Today I will introduce you to Evo X ( line Evolution Xtreme )

And who doesn’t like a big surprise that only LeLUTKA gives us with its huge evolution and always presenting us with new updates and new addon’s features

Evolution Xtreme (Evo X) , by LeLUTKA , is the latest addition to Evolution line. It is an extension of the original Evo heads and it is at Available at @Skin Fair  at March 12th.

The main differences are that skins and other system layers (Bakes on Mesh) will spread out differently when content is created using the new/custom UV Map, which will allow you to have a full HD experience.

And you will be able to use any previously acquired HD Content (makeups, lipsticks, brows) in both Classic and EVO X mode. BOM (Bakes on Mesh) skins obtained before Evolution X can be used in Classic mode. Still, these WILL NOT fit the custom UV map that Evo X uses.

More info :

At the Skin Fair there will be 3 beautiful new heads: Avalon, Briannon and Ceylon

Today I show you Briannon Head by LeLUTKA

I just tell you, this head comes with everything you dream of: piercings, hairbase, new addon’s (blush, eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Lipstick … Ear Tattoo)

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!

LeLUTKA Briannon Head 3.0 @Skin Fair 

FACE – lel EvoX Briannon 007 ( in the folder )

BROWS – lel EvoX Briannon 004 ( in the folder )

Stealthic – Cascade (Browns)

LODE Head Accessory – Victoria [white]

Shape Soon ♥

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